Virgin coconut oil 1ltr

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The lauric acid is the essential immunity element needed for nurturing a newborn baby which has been gained through breast feeding . Real virgin coconut oil consists 48% lauric acid .Unlike other coconut oil is made without heating and added chemicals  and  made by fermentation of coconut milk.

  • Prepared through cold processing of cococnut milk
  • Increases HDL cholesterol level and it helps to reduce cardiac diseases
  • The finest cooking oil which contains fat which reduces depression,Alzheimer's and anxiety
  • Because of no added chemicals it can be used as baby oil
  • Soften skin and boost up immunity
  • Daily usage enhances better sleep
  • Reduces hair fall and dandruff
  • Helps to reduce diabetic issues
  • Prevents gum diseases and approved by Indian dental association
  • Solution for itching and rashes
  • The best oil for all without age discrimination
  • Relief from cholesterol,fungal issues and bad breath within 3 weeks of usage
  • Use before and after shave to keep skin soft
  • Control pimples

          More than 100 other uses

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